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A peep at last year's (2022) SKIN!!!
SKIN! Art Show

The concept for SKIN came after three friends had attended a major art show in Tampa. They then came to realize that the area needs more of this kind of art and the "appreciate art and make it a party" concept was exactly what they were looking for. Appreciating that the Tampa Bay area (and ALL of Florida for that matter) has exceptionally talented artists, the SKIN idea was born. SKIN provides the best in art and entertainment, showing the "sexy" side of the art forms while presenting world class entertainers. SKIN welcomes all erotic artists and their disciplines to display, provoke and excite our audiences. Our goal is to make this annual event a show where you can always find art, acceptance, fun, and a sexy good time!
SKIN! Art Show is a Florida not-for-profit corporation. Our directive is to provide visual and performing arts education and opportunities.

SKIN! The Sexy Art Show


Network with other like-minded artists in a setting that you can dicuss, collaborate, and share ideas while getting you work seen by new and enthusiastic partons!

SKIN! The "Sexy" Art Show


Find new fans who love and appreciate what you do! With a high energy level and an eager audience, your performances are the heartbeat of the show!

SKIN! The Sexy Art Show


Explore the world of sexy art in a fun and exciting atmosphere! All works of art are for sale, so if you love it, take it home with you!

What to expect at SKIN...

  • An impressive collection of sexy artworks
  • SKIN's "Less Dressed" outfit competition where you can win great prizes
  • Participation by local, regional, and national artists
  • Awesome deejays, with exciting shows and performances
  • Interactive art concepts for audience participation
  • Live Body Painting and Interactive exhibits
  • Ability to purchase original fine art.
  • One Great Party!


Artists, Patrons, Sponsors, Models, and Performers...
We look forward to hearing from you!

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